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Artemisa, Cuba
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Artemisa, Cuba
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Serrano coffee, roasted and ground
Roasted and ground coffee of distinctive aroma and flavor.
Made in Cuba with a selection of superior quality Arabica coffees.
Box of 12U of 1kg.
228.00 EUR 228.0 EUR
In Stock!!!
Serrano coffee, roasted and ground
Roasted and ground coffee of distinctive aroma and flavor.
Made in Cuba with a selection of superior quality Arabica coffees.
Box of 24 U of 500g.
235.00 EUR 235.0 EUR
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Saltine crackers, butter flavor
Saltine crackers, butter flavor
Box of 24 multipacks x 9 units.
Total: 216 packs.
52.00 EUR 52.0 EUR
In Stock!!!
Saltine crackers, original flavor
Saltine crackers. Original flavor.
Box of 24 multipacks x 9 units
Total: 216 packs.
42.00 EUR 42.0 EUR

To request a partial or total RETURN, the CUSTOMER must contact the “CUSTOMER SERVICE” team by communicating to the official email.

The CANCELLATION and RETURNS processing is carried out through the digital store email within a period that will not exceed 24 hours.

CANCELLATIONS of complete orders will only be accepted prior to DELIVERY at DESTINATION; In particular cases, they must be consulted individually with the “CUSTOMER SERVICE”.

When making a CANCELLATION and RETURN request, the CUSTOMER has the obligation, in appropriate cases, to inform the RECIPIENT of the PURCHASE, so that he or she does not accept said products.

In the event that a CANCELLATION request is made and the RECIPIENT has received the products, they must return them in their original packaging, sealed and in perfect condition, just as they were received. Otherwise, the balance RETURN will not be effective. will indicate the refund of the money to the CUSTOMER within a period of 72 hours after the date on which receives the returned products. will make the RETURN through the same payment method that the CUSTOMER used to make the PURCHASE. The CUSTOMER will not pay any fee for said REFUND.

Asimismo, cuando proceda una devolución el monto se reintegrará a EL CLIENTE en la misma moneda de cobro del producto y/o servicio. A este valor le aplicará la tasa de cambio que impone en su caso el Banco emisor de la tarjeta en cuestión. en ningún caso será responsable por la diferencia al alza o a la baja que reciba en reintegro EL CLIENTE. reserves the right to REJECT or CANCEL your ORDER at any time for certain reasons, including, but not limited to, the following:



ERRORS in the description or prices of Goods


THE CUSTOMER will not have the right to cancel a DELIVERY ORDER for the following PRODUCTS:

PRODUCTS clearly personalized or made to your specifications.

PRODUCTS whose nature makes them ineligible to be returned, deteriorate quickly, or are already expired.

PRODUCTS not suitable for RETURN for health or hygiene reasons and that did not remain sealed after receipt.

PRODUCTS whose nature, after delivery, were inseparably mixed with other PRODUCTS.


Any claim regarding the PRODUCTS purchased must be processed electronically to or through the “ONLINE CUSTOMER HELP” enabled on the site or on WhatsApp, within the first 48 hours after receiving the product.

Requests for product returns will be accepted only in the event that at the time of delivery it is proven that they do not meet the quality requirements established by NESCOR or are in poor condition, which must be verified by authorized NESCOR personnel. .

If the CUSTOMER is interested in any claim for the reasons provided for in the CANCELLATIONS AND REFUNDS section, he must contact in the first instance through the communication channels established in the previous section and request, if appropriate, the corresponding refund. In the event of claims that result in COLLECTIONS (CBK), the CLIENT's account will be disabled until the process is concluded. To reactivate it, the CLIENT is obliged to previously pay the costs derived from the claim process.



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In the NESCOR store on the platform the CUSTOMER will find the delivery methods defined below:


SHIPPING: Home deliveries will be made free of cost.

The delivery time for the order will be 3 business days starting from the sending of the email confirmation and approval of the ORDER, which will be duly detailed in the billing order issued to THE CUSTOMER.

The scope of product delivery is exclusive to the province of Havana.

The information provided by the CUSTOMER in their order must contain the personal data of the recipient who receives it, telephone number, email address, as well as the delivery address; Otherwise, the order may be withheld until THE CUSTOMER rectifies the correct information. reserves the right to cancel ORDERS with insufficient information without the right to refund.

THE CUSTOMER or RECIPIENT of the ORDER, as appropriate, must check the external condition of the package and products at the time of delivery.

In places where transit is impossible due to the deterioration of the streets or the lack of access roads, delivery will be made to the location closest to the delivery address.

The RECIPIENT of the order will receive the order within the established period according to the defined place after the confirmation and approval of the PURCHASE, showing official identification and signing the corresponding DELIVERY DOCUMENT as proof of receipt. The RECIPIENT of the ORDER must fully review it before signing the DELIVERY RECORD.

If the RECIPIENT is absent at the address at the time of delivery, a second attempt will be made. If the situation persists for the second time, will contact THE CUSTOMER to request a change of RECIPIENT or CANCELLATION of the ORDER.

Mandatory procedure in case of missing or damaged product (Any delivery method)

THE CUSTOMER or, where appropriate, the RECIPIENT of the ORDER must communicate the absence or degradation of the product to the “CUSTOMER SERVICE” of The “CUSTOMER SERVICE” of may request any data related to the identity of the CUSTOMER or RECIPIENT of the ORDER and proceed with any verifications necessary for the case. recommends that the CUSTOMER check that they have received their entire ORDER at the time of its DELIVERY. In case of non-conformity, you must reject the DELIVERY and inform the distributor immediately.